Never Thought I Would Be.

I never was one of those girls who dreamed of walking down an aile with a beautiful white dress. Heck when I was a kid I dreamed of being more like Joan of Arc. I liked being seen as a tough chick. I got bullie by an older brother so when some boys tried to beat me up at school I surprised them by being able to fight back and beat them up instead. It was in gradeschool and I am not surprised the teachers didn't see anything cause we were outside on the playground. It was out in the country in a small town so the trees could hide it. They have removed them now though. Anyway, I met this one man through a friend. Him and I clicked within hours. It was almost like she knew it was going to happen. She never even had told me about him. He wasn't even looking at the time. Kinda funny though. When he did ask me to marry him I just stood there fr a few seconds not knowing what to say. We were getting along great. I thought about my parents and feared the idea of marriage. I evently said yes and was glad now that I did. I am not only married now. I am happily married. So the myth that once you get married you life is gone is a bunch of bull. If you marry to young sometimes and have kids to early that was your bad. (like my mom and dad.Both 19 and had kids in thier early 20's.) So this is my story on getting married. We didn't have no big huge wedding or anything. I was content with what we did have though. So please if you are thinking of not marrieing someone for a myth or your parents bad marriage. Don't ruin your life on a useless worry. Just go ahead and do it if you really have found the right one.
Tara277 Tara277
31-35, F
May 19, 2012