It is not sexism,it's the objective result.
Women on EP are very stupid and even if they aren't they tend to make their own life miserable with things that are not reasonable.
Of course,60 % of guys on EP have IQ of a rain-worm,but except Neladell and Earlingwise,I don't see any other woman who is right now not doing something very stupid or cries because she doesn't want to grow up.
This is the reason why I git married.I was so tired of dating girls who know nothing except what was said on TV and I married the first girl who could say something I didn't know.And I just realized how happy I am to have her.I am an ******* and she's an angel.You hos are just that - hos.
SaintMaj SaintMaj
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1 Response May 24, 2012

I love how you can't spell worth **** and call people stupid. Oh you dumb Slavic piece of garbage. Go live with your mama little boy. The reason why your wife is happy is because she screws around with the neighbourhood and only tells you she's happy with you so you don't ***** like a little baby. BTW I'm on this site and have a bachelors and masters and could **** on your life like its worthless and you are right about the guys not having brains you are one of them. By the way jebise u picku materinu!!!!

one doesn't simply spell "nejebem ti se majke u pičku" even if it says that it has few diplomas from Weirdistan pathetic schools.
I'm sorry it hurts you - but that's how anal secks looks for dummies :)
sayonara loser