I find it funny how my wife complains about stuff- I find it hilarious at times.. the way she squints, talks and says her point. She is a cutie, 30 wks pregnant... I cant help but laugh at her at times (just teasing, not anything mean) when she starts to whine and complain...
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awww, this is cute. glad you love her when shes' pregnant. some women are a lil tramautized during their pregnancy

She be acting all brand new sometimes... I be thinking I have to change my name to Jack B. *** to appease her sometimes... LOL

why she acts brand new - not that its bad.

cuz she be all agitated... I laugh b/c she be snappin and mad over stuff that don't even matter

haha, that would be sort of funny. I always like hearin cute stories of married couples. Its nice to know its not all bad, y'know?

Yes, I been praying and working NOT to be so negative when she starts complaining...

Raging hormones

Just don't be negative when she goes into labor...she will find the strength to throw you across the room...

Some women are majorly traumatized during labor...just sayin'...

haha - you are too funny. I thought I was doing soo goood during my labor with my eldest son cuz I didn't cuss or say "don't touch me EVER again". but my gma thought it was funny cuz i screamed "next time I want a caesarean" lol

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Awhh.. love that story.... just get her what ever she and little Angel Baby is craving...yummy in the tummy...