The Love Of My Life

This is my third Time the first two weren't ment to be. I think the good lord had better plans for me and this is it. We met by chance She never went out after her husband died but for some reason let her sisters talk her into going out and arainged a baby sitter just in case her older girls had plans. I on the other hand was supposed to be in my truck on the way to Mexico with a load of lumber. But the mill had the load screwed up and I could pick it up until the following monday. I was pissed off and decided to stop and get a beer or two or three and go sleep it off in my truck. I walked into a bar that I new and started talking to some old friends and then saw the lady sitting at a table with a few other younger girls I asked around and found out I new her brother who were there at the time and they told me she wasn't my type and I would never get her to go out with me but I was in LOVE with this woman and didn't have a clue what to say to her which for me was crazy because a usually have a line of lies a mile long to feed any woman that will sit long enough to hear them. So I just asked her to dance and she agreed, we left together I took her home to her house in an 18 wheeler and we stayed out side in the truck and talked until the sun came up. I left and went back to my place a took a shower and called her to seeif she was able to sneak in and get any rest but she said no luck her baby girl was up so she was laying on the couch watching cartoons. I asked if I could come over and cook alittle breakfast for her and her girls and she just laughed and told me I had know idea what I was getting my self into. I stop at a store and picked up 2lb. of pepper bacon, egges and flower to make pan cakes and before the rest of the girls got out of bed breakfast was on the table. Her girls all smelled the bacon and that's what got them up and they asked if I could move in and cook for them, they were really tired of pop tarts for breafast so I made a hit with her gang. Now 22 years later we are more in love every day and I still cook bacon and pancakes every sunday morning and most sundays we see the girls grand kids and a few great grand kids God had plans and I thank him every day..  
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1 Response Jun 24, 2012

Too bad it took two strike outs before you hit a home run. But I guess sometimes in life we have to strike out so that we can appreciate what we have when we do get it right.
So cool you two found each other.