Understanding My Role As A Wife

I've been married for 12 years now but I never understood my role until this year only. Luckily, my husband is very patient and loving in spite of my very domineering and strong personality.

I never considered my husband in my decision-making because I felt like I was smarter and wiser than him. I would work long hours in the office while I left my kids to the nanny while my husband works overseas.

I would spend our money without consulting him then blame him when it's gone and force him to go out of the country again to earn.

But because of the Marriage Encounter we attended at our church, I learned to submit to him in everything. I learned that I should meet his sexual needs because it is his biological need. I should respect him even if sometimes I thought I was not loved. Teach or coach him in the areas that I am better than him then allow him to implement them as his own.

I never thought that I will be able to do this because of my pride. But by God's grace, I'm doing it now and still trying to improve it. In return, I feel much love from my husband. He's more loving and caring than before even if I am not physically attractive anymore. He always want me to be with him wherever he goes and always say "I love you" and holds my hand or hugs me even in public places.

It all started with my change of attitude and the reward is tremendously great!
untay untay
Aug 13, 2012