I Love Being Married!

I am married, second time, this one for near 7 years now. My first husband was struck with cancer ending his young life. I met Terry through an online dating service a few years later once the shock of being a single mother/widow was put aside. My life had been good, good job and loving faithful husband, but the corporate world took us away from each other and truly getting to know the intricacies of each other and discovering intimacies never happened in my first. Once sickness took over the household, the role of caregiver became my prominent task. So in a nutshell, I never really had a fair cahnce to discover how good a good marriage can be.

With Terry it has been a slow progressive, thrilling and gratifying ride. I have to admit not only was I naive in developing a connective relationship with a man but the ability to be open in communication and be able to express my deepest feelings and thoughts were nil. Together we have nutured a trusting compatibility through communication, trial and error in experiencing and always leaving negative feelings at the table should a disagreement occur. He has helped me through lack of confidence in the bedroom, in daily professional life, and in my abilities to succeed in what endeavors I choose. Not only am I married, but I love being married.
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I too am a widower and loved being married. That rubbing against the rough parts that don't fit until you do.

My wife was very naive and I rather jaded, but very supportive. I cannot express how much I adored her, still do so many years later.

Thank you for sharing.