I Am Married And Love My Wife!

I've been married for a little over a year and with my wife for 5 years. I love her so much but I am worried she does not feel the same way. She says she does and she's happy with are marriage and sex but I just have this gut feeling she's not happy. I am so worried she does not really want me and rather be with someone else. I just don't know and since I am a person who worries all the time this is eating me up inside
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1 Response Sep 20, 2012

it is rare and you have to work on it each day make sure a day never starts with out you telling her how much you love her as you never know when she will no longer be with you

i do not even know if my wife that last morning even heard me tell her i loved her
as i said ti to her the plane i was in was hit but a sam and i was repported as killed in action but i was a live and in a coma
the next morning as she walked to her office in siagon she had orders to Japan to join me and then stay were ever i went her orders were open and would be ajdusted

but the young man she was walikng with as a child crying and he was home sick as she yelled no they say the child blew up killing both of them and a few others in the area