You’ve probably heard what I am about to say plenty of times, so this is just me reminding you that it is not required for you to read this…

My husband is my life. My breath and my all is what he forever shall be; my husband was my first and he’ll be my last and my only. Many say that I have not “lived life” but if you take the time to consider how we feel and not what they feel, you’d see we’re perfectly fine with on experiencing each other. I love the fact that I have him all to myself and I know that he is honored to have had my virg*nity. I have been with him for three and a half years and never have I cheated on him. I do admit that I’ve had fantasies of other men, but I don’t see that as cheating. I have had text pals once but that ended up getting too messy and I decided that it wasn’t worth my marriage. I am a big flirt and I have been trying my best to control it. Other than that, I know that he is my true love; whether it’s magnified because we were each other’s first or not does not matter because either way I love him and I know that no matter what he will love me. Always.
LoveOverHatred LoveOverHatred
22-25, F
Sep 21, 2012