Fairy Tale Ending Bad

20 years ago met in raleigh nc , he was going to college and me not oh well .
You see he said marry me I said no , a part of me wanted to but I knew I wasnt good enough.
Well we parted ways on 2-22-07 @ 545 pm that phone call changed my life and my daughters .
It was incredible , however I left my family and friends and moved back to north carolina , trusting him with every inch of my heart .( now you say my self esteem was nothing). But I believd every letter my heart .
Well we move in live next door to his ex his daughter same age as my daughter hate each other and we struggle im devestated its A night mare and I still live there and he hates me.
I hate me too I told him I wasnt goos enough.
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stop saying at my age you r still young think yough you wil fel young and the world is waitng fo ryou to enjoy it

Im so hurt, i believed my whole heart. Im not perfect and i made mistakes . I am so scared that i will never find love again . I need to be loved .

your not a looser........he's not much of a man,he's the that is a looser,not you,keep your head held high,and tell him to go **** up a rope......your a pretty woman,dont let him see you hurtin anymore,

Why do you stay there next door to him? Can't you just move away? You need to move away and start a new life for you. It's not your fault that you believed him. You trusted someone and loved them, and so you followed your heart and went with him when he asked you to. Now you need to trust yourself and love yourself, and start a life for yourself. You deserve it!!

Thank you with sujpport from other people it makes me stronger . This site has really helped me .

You should change your name on here! You're not a loser!

next door? dear lord ...
So sorry to hear about his using you. As I see it thats what he did, used you to show his ex he could move on. Hes a ****. plain and simple. Its not your fault, you believed his BS.
be strong, a way out will show iself soon enough

Please don't abuse yourself for the hurt inflicted on you by this man. He obviously wasn't fair to you from the beginning. You and your daughter deserve better.

Thank you . This is what everyone needs someone to talk to ....