Communication And Laughter Is The Key

Communication and Laughter is the key to a healthy relationship.

My husband and I have been together for over 18 years and grow more in love with each other on a daily basis. We have an extremely strong connection and tend to know what each other is thinking before it gets said. We laugh a lot and try to enjoy life to its fullest without losing sight of our responsibilities.

However we were not always so great. There was a period of several years that our marriage was more average. Not bad... But not the bliss it is today. Instead of seeking outside help, I decided to make a change in who I was in the relationship. I was never a big touchy feely kind of person. I did not and do not need a lot of physical contact, however my husband did and does. I decided to shift my personality a tad and step out of my comfort zone and show more public affection. Lucky for me he took the bait and ran with it and we are seriously one of the happiest couples in the world! We went from having sex maybe 1-2 times per month to 5-6 times per week! We would have never gotten to where we are today had we not had communication.

Laughter and fun is so important as well. I am the type of person that likes to look at the brighter side of things and tend to laughter a lot. Laughter is contagious and it can turn the grumpiest person to smile. By realizing the world isn't such a bad place, and life is good, you are able to see all the good in ANY person. Spouse included, so when my husband does something that is not so pleasant or annoying, I try to laugh about it. No one in this world is perfect and by remembering that and remembering I make just as many mistakes if not more, I am able to grow to be the best I can be.

Of course there is other things, I could go on all day.... but I would rather go snuggle up with my husband right now.....
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That was a really great story that you wrote! I really hope that other married couples take a minute to read it like I did, because we could all learn from your words! I have been married for six years, and I have known my husband for twenty-six. If we didn't have great communication, we may be split up already, having a blended family like we do. Thanks again for your story, and I hope you have more happy years to come!

I wish there was more laughter and communication in my marriage. Men are physical while women are emotional. I give in to his sexual needs but am not inspired to do more. I wish he could be more available emotionally. I long for heart to heart moments with him. Have tried initiating this several times but either he's too tired to engage, or it ends up being an argument. I think if he was more available emotionally it would inspire me to reach out to him more physically.

I can totally understand where you're coming from on that one, but I don't think that men are physical and women are emotional. Men may not show it very much, but they do need the emotional intimacy just as much as we do, and sometimes just as much as we do to be sexual. (when in a loving relationship). If your husband is having trouble expressing this or refuses to, he may be afraid of emotional intimacy, and you might want to go to counseling together. Good luck.

I am going to take your story and apply it to my marriage! How do you show your husband that he is wanted? Not talking sex but what type of actions do you do?? If you didn't love him how would you react??

For me it was to do the small simple things... hold his hand while walking, giving kisses, give his butt a little squeeze every once in a while, showing up at his work and taking him to lunch,ect.. the little stuff adds up. Before I was just verbal, I would express my love with words. But he needed more physical. It took me years to figure that out. I couldn't be in a relationship if I didn't love him.

there is an old song called " little things mean a lot "... that sings about those very same things..