2 Years and Going Strong

I was married about 2 years ago on September 3rd. We don't have any kids yet but are glad to be getting to know each other better and work with one another. I love him with all my heart. He spoils me so much. He buys me everything I want when we can afford it. He helps out around the house when not feeling good or when I was working  he would help me out by making dinners or whatever needed to be done. He is the greatest guy a woman could ask for. It was so nice to find him when I did. All my previous relationships had been very abusive especially the last one because he was sexualy a busive. When I first met Scott I decided I wasn't intrested in guys Iwas actually applying to universitys all over the country because I wanted out of my current siturations and just in new places expierencing new things. When I met him it was a year after my last relationship and I was happy. I was just enjoying being single hanging with my girls and altough I didn't want a serious realationship I was a flirt a holic. SO yeah me and him took it slow it took him almost 4 months for us to talk outside of the chruch functions that we would meet at. Well after that that was it within a month we were seriously dating and 4 months after that we were engaged and year later married. Now almost 2 years and I still feel for him the way I did almost 3 years ago. I wouldn't trade him for anyone out there. Hes not perfect but he is my imperfect perfect husband.
LauraLDS2003 LauraLDS2003
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1 Response May 8, 2007

it sounds lovly for you