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Being Married

i am married yes i am/ in fact i have been married to four different women.
all of them were beautiful(to me) and all were very sexy and fun in the bed room.
Or out in the woods , or out in the barn . where ever we happened to be when the
mood struck us.

as with other stories i have written i need
to tell you i am a transgendered person
I lived the first thirty years of my life as
a male . i am so much more comfortable
as a female.
aniowagirl aniowagirl 66-70, F 2 Responses Oct 18, 2012

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my dear you are so lucky woman becouse you find so understandable woman and live in perfect womans relationship i wish happened one to me to iamm married once and still but if i was younger ill be as you start as young girl not boy and live with womans like you so sweet my dear i wish you alot of lovly years with your wife .

yes i have been married four times. three of my wives died . two with heart attacks and one with cancer. my wife and i have a wonderful relationship. we arre as you so aptly put it the best of friends.. When you are older ,i am (73) your out look changes about a lot of things.
we depend on each other . we need each other . we are important to each other. more than when we were younger people i think.