I Am Married :-)

I am Married.
It is said there is nothing like a 'Happily married' life.

Either you are 'married' or 'both'.

You cannot be both.


Actually, I feel blessed.

My marriage is the most beautiful thing that ever happened in my life.

My life is blessed with a beautiful wife and two wonderful children.

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1 Response Dec 1, 2012

I am so sorry. This sounds really difficult and makes me sad and worry for my future. I hope it gets better.

:-) .... actually I was in a rush... I did not get to write more...
There is more to the story...

please read the edited version.

Oh hahaha

:-) in your previous comment, you have mentioned that you are worried for your future.....May I ask why?

I've always been afraid that my marriage will end up like my parents'. I so desperately want to be married and happy, but you're right... that seems so rare.

You seem to be really worried. I will put it this way. Marriage is not easy. In our case we used to fight so much in the initial years.

But I think I was lucky. I was introduced to beautiful books PERSONALITY PLUS and THE FIVE LOVE LANGUAGES...

It took efforts on my part to read the books, understand them and implement the knowledge. It helped. Many a times we ourselves become the obstacles in our life. But we deserve a great life and we can get it. It takes decision and a desire.

Thank you. I hope I'll be happy some day.

If you want to be happy. you will be


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