Love Found Me

In February of 2011 I joined a social media website looking for friends to talk to and maybe hangout with. I had been divorced well over a year. I was scared of going out because of bad experiences. So I created a profile to make friends I wasn't looking for anything romantic because of my past relationship. Didn't know how to trust anyone because my previous marriage had turned sour and I didn't want to end up like that.

I started making friends with mostly females and one of the Girls that I had become friends with was also friends with my husband. So my husband and I began talking just online for the first part of February into March. He was a gentleman we talked for hours and we had so much in common, I felt myself starting to fall in love with him. What surprised me was how easy it was. My fears still stuck with me though. I wanted to take things slow and make sure he was the right guy for me before falling completely.

April came around and I was faced with a really bad situation and He came to my rescue. Needless to say we moved in together on April 28, 2011. He fell in love with my son and he took us both. We have been married since June 24, 2011 we have an amazing Daughter together we have a pretty big family. I am look at him and I am so Glad that I gave it a chance to fall in love again because I found My husband and my best friend
Proudmommy2011 Proudmommy2011
22-25, F
Dec 8, 2012