Who's Really The Lucky One Here?

I am a happily married woman. My husband and I have been together for close to 20 years and have one almost 11 year old son. We have always been a happy couple. We rarely fight and have always had pretty good communication. We drifted slightly apart after our son was born. It wasn't that the love was any less... but our lives just got busier and we lost some of the connection. About a year and half about we re-found that connection.... and life could not be better! OK maybe just a bit better if we could afford to pay all our bills... but that's life... I have written other stories on here about that change in my life...you will have to read that story some other time.

My husband has always been the type of guy who enjoys others seeing my breasts. He gets a thrill out of knowing that others are seeing what he has so to speak. When we were younger I struggled with it, I thought how odd that he wasn't the typical overprotective jealous type. He is overprotective... but not jealous. About a year ago he asks if he could post my pictures here on E.P... at first I was thinking NO WAY!!! I didn't want a bunch of horny perverts whacking off to MY breasts... eww... gross!!! Since then I have grown to understand it more. And Now I am the one posting pictures... writing stories.... chatting... lol its funny how things can change. I have met several wonderful people on here and some seriously crazy ones! lol

Whats interesting is people are always commenting on how lucky my husband is to have me. What a lucky man to have married me. Now I am nothing special. I am ME.. that's all. I cry, I get mad, I throw fits... just like anyone else. Now I am open and honest and try very hard to be a caring person. But I am NOT PERFECT... not by a long shot. And maybe all these people think I am so great cause I don't write stories about that side of me... I don't write about how I got mad at my kid for not cleaning up his room... or upset with hubby cause he didn't take out the garbage.... I mean what kind of stories are those? Not fun and exciting that's for sure.

But all these people are always saying how lucky HE is..... I totally disagree! I AM THE LUCKY ONE!!! I want to shout it out to the world!

I have this amazing husband who is so very considerate. Who is so loving and caring and passionate. He love me for ME! He loves all my crazy quirks... my silliness... my naughtiness... ALL OF IT. And if and when we get into little fights... he is the one who wants to talk it out to make sure it doesn't happen again... He is ok with me having a male friend who sees my boobs.. how many men are like that? not many. But why can't people on here see that?

He would do ANYTHING for me... and I in turn for him. Some people would say he is whipped.... that I make him do all kinds of stuff... but in truth... he loves helping me. He loves doing stuff for me. We both love to help each other so much. It doesn't make us whipped... it makes us be considerate caring people. An I am so very proud to say I married this man. This man is MY man! He is my partner for life and I can't wait to grow old with him. I wish everyone could know the love we feel for each other. Its truly a beautiful thing.
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I've enjoyed knowing a few couples like the two of you. I'm glad to hear of your happiness. It sounds as if you are both blessed, to have found each other, and to be so open.

Thank you... yes I feel we are both very lucky...

Enjoyed your story, very nice for you to put it into words, you are both blessed with such a great relationship!


Awwww.....you are too sweet!!!! I feel the same about having you in my life and couldn't ever seeing myself without you by my side!!!!!