I Enjoy My Time As A Feminine

Being able to switch back and forth between my regular life as father, husband, provider and the enchanted feminine delights is a necessity because there are commitments and expectations that tug on me, It’s the weight of responsibility that makes it difficult to find the time to fully express the other side of myself. Still .I make the most of my crossdressing even if I am not able to do it regularly by relish those few moments of crossdressing, i get and enjoy myself. I Go slowly, immerse myself. For those few hours I will let my inner woman come out and bond with my partner. I will not allow anything to rob me of a beautiful experience.
Even when I am not dressed, I will be thinking about it and looking forward to it. Planning my outfit – trying on different styles and colors in my mind. Thinking about which make up would work best and what accessories i will wear. This will give me to be in touch with my fem personality Another thing I do is I always wear fine lingerie under my regular male dress and some times put on light perfume. I will nurture my feminine traits like caring for others, expressing my emotions freely, not being selfish. not being agressive, all all time, wether i am dressed or not/
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How does your wife feel about your dressing?
Is great that you try to maintain a balance between your dressing and your regular life.

My wife accepts and encourages my dressing but sadly our life today doesn't allow for much time for me to dress. So I do wear hosiery daily as a way to connect with that side of me. Hopefully life will shift so I can express more of me more often.

my wife doesn't know.
and i have a daughter of 15 and 14, so i must keep it under raps for now.

sge had reservatins in the beginning Now she has accepyed it with a condition that Nobody else shpikd know about this except her. and now she even helps me buying lingerie for me and getting my blouses stiched

At least she is supportive, that is a huge step.