I Am Married But

I am married but i hardly ever **** my husband anymore. It all started when he wanted me to **** his friend, what a delight that was having two men worshiping my body at the same time. I was amazed how good his friends **** felt inside of me. Tom (the friend) ****** me long and hard and filled my ***** with his **** and ***. Now my husbands turn to **** me and it was like nothing was inside of me, it really wasn't like Tom had a enormous **** it was like 6 or 7 inches it was my husband has a small **** and i didn't realize just how small he was until the night that night with Tom. A few months later my husband told me Tom has been calling and checking in to see if we would like to get together again, of course i was up for it hell yes i was ready to have a nice hard **** buried deep inside of me, one that i could actually feel. We all had our fun and next day i told my husband his **** was not going to satisfy my ***** anymore. He understood that i needed more and it was that night we both discovered that the only way he would **** me from then on was was anal. He allows me to **** other men, he does like to watch or hear and he has never turned down eating my ***** full of another mans ***.
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How small ?

you go GF. I have been ******* others from my first honeymoon. Now I have several regulars who come by most days. In fact, right now I am freshly ****** and cream filled. xo ANN

How big is your husband

How big was he anyways

Good and lucky girl.

You are a lucky girl, and from the looks of your pic he is a lucky guy too!,

wow...what a story.

It is the duty of all men to ensure the woman is satisfied

Your husband is a lucky guy to **** you anal. It is so tight and rewarding. Ask him to clean the cream from your ***** before you let him do the anal. You sure to have multiple ******

wow that's hot as hell...lucky guy your husband...

Some of us love eating other *** out of a *****

Great story!

Sounds like you worked out a win/win situation, good for you

It's always turned me on for Robin toact and be a *****. Shes been ******* other men our entire marrage and most of them black. She really gets off on BBC'S. But she still loves my ****.

By the way, I think your picture is very hot. It looks like somebody I know.

Maybe you and i know each other?


Do toys help at all?

Do you tell him?

At least your man can **** your ***. do not let another man use your *** otherwise your man has only your mouth to satisfy his needs.

Sounds like you are teaching him to be a good cuckold. His final tests are to help you find a Black lover, significantly bigger than Tom; to show respect by kiissing or sucking his Masters **** before leaving the two of you alone and; to clean you both afterwards.

You have a good hubby. A little **** guy who knows his place. ;-)

My kind of woman...

would love to add my **** and *** in your ***** for you an your husbands enjoyment

Very hot story so glad he shares you

Sounds like it is working out well for everyone.

I want to be you **** buddie!