I Will Always Be Married To ****!

Yes I am married to the most wonderful woman in the world, we've been married many years our children are grown up and moved out but things are not the same now as they were, it's not something that is uncommon it happens all the time to a couple across the street or the couple in the town a couple 100 miles down the road we hear their stories all the time and think little of it I know it's the way i was until it came to my own doorstep. April ** 2009 started like any other day it was a Saturday my wife and i had sex in the morning she loved sex in the morning I like most men rolled over in a soaking sweat and with a sigh went back to sleep my wife got up and had a shower dressed and went about her chores I remember her swatting my bare *** and telling me she was going to the mall I so wished I had got up and kissed her good bye and told her how much I loved her, I awoke shortly after she left showered and went about my day I recall hearing the far off sounds of sirens but that was normal, I made myself some lunch and called my wives cell there was no answer so i left a message and turned on the TV and opened a beer, I had just got sat back down and there was a knock at the door it was the police my wife had been in an accident and had been air lifted to the medical center in ******* they gave me what information they could and i dressed and started the 3 hour drive. Long story short my wife survived 7 hours of surgery and then 15 days in a coma and then came back to me but not whole, her fractured N1 and N2 fractured cheek and jaw 2 fractures in her right arm broken nose and countless other abrasions but most severe was the massive brain trauma, after 5 months in hospital she came home and still lives with me today totally disabled unable to talk yet she understands what we say, unable to walk or use her arms properly, unable to eat without help, the day of her accident she weighed 151 pounds today she weighs 89 pounds. She is my world I wonder every waking moment the million things i might have done that would change what happened but in the end it is what it is it did happen it happens everyday we can only teach ourselves to say the "i love Yous" more often, I see other women now but i will always be married to ****!   

photo grand parents!
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Not a lot I can say now I still see myself as married for now my profile will stay the same my wife passed away at 2:05 AM June 19th 2013 we were all at her side and we miss her dearly!