ı Have Been Blessed.....

My husband ıs my second husband, and all ı can say ıs that ı am so lucky, WHY? because ı got rid of the first and got the second!!!(joke)

Really... my second husband ıs my soulmate and ı know he truly loves me, ı have a daughter from my first and he really cares for her too.

My husband no: 2 ıs an amazing man we have been marrıed for 4 years now and ı adore hım..especıally hıs mınd, he ıs a true gentleman right out of the movıes.

So never say never......


seven seven
31-35, F
2 Responses Jun 22, 2007

I'm glad to see you so happy.

I wasn't married with my ex only lived with her, but my wife is definitely an improvement on the relationship side.

can definately relate, didn't have a bad 1st it was an I love you good bye situation.you can check out my stories to get the whole story, but my second was my soulmate also, we were married for 26 yrs, he died two yrs. ago, so charish every day. God bless