I Am Nothing Without Him

My life is so pointless without my husband. I feel like I am walking around aimlessly in a vast desert. Without him, I have no purpose and no desire to do anything. I am just going through the motions, trying to make it to the next day so I will be one day closer to him. I wish I could stay asleep until he returns, but my body won't let me. I will walk around with a hollow heart until he comes back to me, breathing only because I have to and crying myself to sleep every night for three more weeks.
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is he in the military?don't feel so bad just pray to god hes ok and will see him safely home.

I understand completely. My husband was put on another shift and now I feel like we are two ships in passing. I only see him when he is on his way to work and I miss feeling his body beside me when I am in bed. I have told him that God is testing our strength in marriage and we will get through it. I don't want to adapt to this lifestyle because missing him just reminds me how very much I love him. <br />
However, I am worried for you. You almost write as if you are in a depression. Do not take this the wrong way because when you marry someone you truly love is a gift but you need to find some things to do with friends or find something new that you enjoy. Being that dependent on someone is not healthy. Find something constructive to do (join a class, find a hobby) until he comes back. I wish you the best.

Thanks for your supportive comments, guys. I found out today that he will be gone for SEVEN more weeks, so I have been hysterical all day. But I know it's for the best. My mom said it best, "At least he's not in Iraq. Think about how those wives feel." And grams, I am so sorry for your loss; your story touched me.

nbsp;When my husband died I think the hardest thing to do was to get up in the morning. My husband always told me the best part of his day was to wake up with me and to go to bed with me. It took a little time but it just came to me one morning, there was only one reason to get out of bed. I had to Pee... Yes, I took it as Gods way to tell me to get up, once up I could hear my husband say, Your burning daylight girl. So to this day 2 yrs. later, there's only one reason to get out of bed. but it's the love and determination to keep on keeping on that helps me fill the daylight.<br />
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this is a story I wrote, you have weeks hun, I look back on what was, you have many tomorrow... be strong ,God Bless