How I Met My Husband

Hi Everyone,

Many people have crazy stories of how they got married and I think my story is an 8 out of 10.

8 years ago I was living in a small town near Toronto, Canada. My best friend asked me to go on a double date with her and I agreed. We went out that night and it turned out to be a different night. The guy (Jer) that my girlfriend was interested in was interested in me. So she went with Rob but she wasn’t really interested in him.
I hit it off with Jer and started dated him but it quickly turned into a bad relationship. I would talk more with Rob and spent more time with him.

Rob really liked my girlfriend but she was a gold digger and just used him. He was always hurt and upset about how my girlfriend treated him.

Finally I broke up with Jer and moved to British Columbia for school. Every day I would chat with Rob. We both started dating and stop talking for a month or two but always dropped a line.

In 2004 I realized I had a lot of feelings for Rob but I was in a 4 year relationship and he was in a long relationship as well. I didn’t want to destroy his relationship because I thought he was happy or risk losing his friendship if I told him how I felt. He also lived in Texas and I was now living in Ottawa which is a little far as well as countries. I kept it all secret and made little jokes about how I felt to him never letting him know how I really felt. I broke up with my long relationship of 5 years in 2005 and moved back home to continue schooling. I drop a line to him and told him I was starting school again. He wrote back saying good luck and sorry he could not talk because his girlfriend was jealous of me.

I finished my in the very end of 2006 and moved to Alberta with my best friend. I got a very good job working in advance education for the Alberta government. I was going to work there for a year and then finish my schooling in British Columbia but thing with my girlfriend was going down hill fast. My girlfriend started making bad moves that affecting my safety. She would go out and bring home men from the bar when her boyfriend was not over. I hated lying to her man because I was really against cheating but she always threaded me saying I knew her since we were 6.

My girlfriend and I went out for my birthday and it was supposed to be a girl’s night out. No men just dancing and girl fun. My birthday was a nightmare and at the end of the night I ended up chasing some loser man out of are house and rushing her to the hospital. Not a birthday night I expected.

That was the last straw and I started planning to move to West Vancouver that week. When my girlfriend got a call from Rob, he asked for my number. Finally Rob and I were back in contact. We talked all night till the morning when I had to go to work. He felt so bad for me and told me I should come visited him. He was now living in California and had a nice place where I could stay.

I thought about it all day at work and though a vacation would be nice considering all the hell I went thru. I called him that night and told him the fact about everything but how I felt about him. I just needed some time away and wanted a friend rate at that point which was the truth. He was so happy I was coming down and I order the tickets rate then and there. 3 days and I was going to meet up with my long lost friend.

It was funny when I went to the airport because I was so nervous and after my fight and coming down the escalators in San Francisco I thought to my self what he looked like because I have not seen him in 8 years. When I was moving down I saw him like a beam of light. He made a goofy face and gave me a huge hug. I was not excepting him to be such a hansom man but he looks much better with age.

We had fun for a week but one night changed everything. We went out to a bar and play some pool, or should I say I played some pool because I kick is butt. Then we went dancing on the small bar floor and I realized we were both alike. Both danced the same and loved to do it... it is rare to find some one like that. My feeling welded up inside of me but they did not hold. I lead in for a simple kiss on the cheek and as I did that he moved his head, we kiss. It was shocking to me at first because I was looking forward to this moment forever but for once it felt right. I heard birds singing for me at that point but to this day I will not tell him this.

I confessed to him that night that I have always loved him. He seems shocked by this but not afraid. We went to drive home that night with passion on are minds. We walked to the car but before we got there some big guys jumped us. This was not in a poor side of town either but I guess we were inch away from help. My man got beat up pretty bad but scared them because he did not give up. I jumped him but I know nothing of fighting and got thrown to the ground fast. I think because I was hit hard at that point one of the guys stopped and thought about what he was doing and pulled his friend off Rob. Poor Rob, what a sight to see. He was bleeding from his eyes bad and I didn’t think he was going to be okay. I saw other men starting to run over and I did not what to find out to see how the storey was to end. I put him in his car and jumped in the driver seat. That was a bad idea because I know I had one to many that night. I drove the speed limit to get to the hospital and the cops pulled me over. I did the testing and pass. I was about to leave when the chief came and asked if I had a breach test. I did it and I was 0.09 1 point over the legal limit for California. I was so scared because I never even gotten a parking ticket before.

I arrived at the police office and filled out the paper work. The cop felt so bad for me because he knew my story but his boss was treating me like crap. He did everything to make it better but I he told me I would have to spend the night in jail. Jail? I said to my self I have never bent there before and stories I used to hear. Wow.. I did the work needed to sign me in and got thrown into this cell. I have no, not one idea but all the girls were scared of me. I have know idea why, I am a average girl but a little light, 110 pounds and sort of a Kate moss looking face. Not someone that looks bad by any means.

Finally I got out and there was poor rob all beat up. He said don’t worry; I will take care of everything. I knew I found the right man rate then and there. He was there for me like a friend should bail me out. So much for my clean record but that’s the way the law works and luckily for me I only got a wet reckless. Which is unheard of in the state of California but I got a good lawyer the told my story.

One week later we went to Reno and got married. My family was not happy because they wanted a huge wedding in front of this church but I didn’t care. It’s about us and what we feel. We know we are perfect because we are both, well, geeks, ha-ha.

It’s been seven months and we are still happy little campers. We are planning on moving to Dallas soon and start is life together. I am looking forward to ever new day and I wish everyone the best of luck in there marriage.

Thank you

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Great story. I met my husband at my "work". I'll explain more later if anyone is interested.

waw your story is quite interesting.... long life and gloroious love life

Great story,<br />
Wishing you and yours the very best.<br />
May God Bless you both always.<br />
<br />
It's the little things in life that mean the most.

rely do hope things carry on going your way u deserve it good luck on ur movex

thank you everyone for your nice comments

stay out of north dallas bad side

great story.. i met my wife on the net.

wow. very action packed. like watching a movie without all the previews! lol