Kill Me;i Love You

We met last year. And to be fair I wasn't wanting to be in a relationship after my last go at it. But there was just something about her. It was like being home. For anyone who has ever moved from their childhood home you know that the feeling of a warm loving home is rare. When we started talking I got that feeling from her. I was totally "head over hills" for her.

We only dated for about 4 months, before I proposed. Then three months later we went to the court house. It was kind of a shock to me to see how fast we married. I just couldn't be without her. It was almost like hunger pains, and blue balls at the same time. I just couldn't be without her.

Even now when we sleep, I have to be touching her in some capacity. We may not be having sex right now, but the intimacy is still there. Its always present with both of us. She is the only person in my life who has ever made me feel loved(outside my parents of course). I pray to God and thank him everyday for putting us together. I have no ability at all to pick a suitable mate. So when I left it up to God he did his thing.

For all the stupid pittling crap we argue about sometimes, we both know that this is forever(until one of us dies, or becomes too selfish). We have problems, like the lack of sex. Her wanting things we can't afford. Our new coming bundle of joy. But you know what. Nothing worth having is ever easy. It takes time and patience and espesially love. I just hope that my frustrations and fears don't mare this beatiful marriage. One man told me that in marriage you want to look back and remember more good times than bad. When I look at my wife I can't remember an argument, a complaint, a frustration. All I know is that she was made for me, and I am hers.

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3 Responses Aug 2, 2007

Hmmm, this story sounds of the perspective of the wife... Naughty, naughty... Peek a Boo I see you and thank you for sharing this love story may you always be together and that neither ones jeleousy cause a rift so sad.

that is so sweet I'm so happy for you. May God Bless you two with a wonderful life together.

That is so sweet. Remember that feeling. You are going to need it. There are going to be times in your marriage where you just can not remember why you are even there. There will be times that take your breathe away. Marriage is great and a lot of work. Keep praying and loving. God bless you both