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I Am Trying to Help My Friend

My friend who was married and pregnant, Is now pregnant, due at the end of August and her husband left last month.

She is struggling every day with her emotions, her finances and now she is very worried about having her baby because she doesn't have the things she needs.

She has a crib, someone gave a car seat. But she needs many more things.

diapers size newborn and 1, wipes,baby soap, baby powder, baby lotion, baby bottles, night gowns etc. I am raising money to buy her a gift certificate to babies r us, so far i have $7 in donations.

I also made her an online registry, or if you would like to send her something you can get info from me.

If anyone here could help me, help her prepare for her baby please message me or e mail me. I will be checking back here as well.


She is a great person, and I want her to be able to enjoy the blessing she is recieving and I want her to know people care about her and her baby.

MommyOf3 MommyOf3 18-21, F 1 Response Aug 6, 2007

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Wow! 533 views and no comments. The child is now 21/2 years old. I hope things have improved for your friend.