Very Confused

anybody know how to handle this one or any advice? Married (3rd) time 46 y/o wife approx same age. Menapausal,alchohal heavy, pre-menstural and we just went to her sons funeral age 21. Married 1mo and 3 days and I Love her dearly but somehow I've become the enemy even though I'v done the Natural by being by her side through this devastating ordeal. I feel selfish because I'm reaching out for some advice as though if she walked through the room right now she woould feel Ultimately betrayed

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Mizz is right. Don't push her with her grief, it is a time schedule that only she can say, I've have friends that have lost someone close to them and the pain doesn't go away it just reduces to a point where you can start to live again with out breaking down.<br />
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She will get there, just be supportive and understanding, yes she is going to yell at you bc you are there don't take it personally, (easier said than done I know) but if you can stick it out, and when it is overcome (mostly) you will be the better for it.<br />
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Let us know how it goes.

Your wife sounds like she is devistated - and I am sure she is if she just buried her child. She is grieving - and this takes time. Give her time - and then if she is not better, counseling, etc. You have only been married a month.

Give her space. Then in a few months, consider counseling.