In Name Only.

I don't love or like him and when the economy gets better I hope to divorce.

TouchMeNot TouchMeNot
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First I want to say LOVE the title TOUCHMENOT. That is how I am feeling with my husband. Unfortunately, the economy does make it difficult to get a divorce, let alone find a reliable job these days. I don't what to believe from these lawyers either. They are scavengers when it comes to the money. I know everybody needs to get paid for their work but In my case, I HAVE DONE 90% OF THE WORK. So, ladies, where do we go from here? I hope that they change the NO FAULT LAW, because when it comes to divorce, they need to take that into consideration. Most of the time women are the ones being abused, cheated and lied to. I also think it may help to get a better sum of alimony, child support and other...............

I am in the same boat, except, I am not even married for a year. What I was once in love with, became a monster. And he expects me to forgive his abuse. I dont like him let alone love him. I am unemployed and trying so very hard to find a job.My life is a sick twisted mess right now. I used to be a happy person. Where did I go?

Olayemi, I don't regret my divorce from my 2nd wife for one minute. If anything, I regret the fact that married her. Sometimes, divorce is the right answer for everyone involved. I would agree that it sometimes is too easy to get a divorce, and that many couples don't take their vows seriously enough from the start...but I would have to say, based on what I've read from TouchMeNot, that her situation is probably one of those cases were divorce is the right answer.

Olayemi. I have tried for 13 years to get pregnant and have a family with this man. He lied to me about my being sterile and drug me to therapists and to church trying to keep me from divorcing and going my own way. I gave an additional 7 years to him in a separated lifestyle and I was happier living alone. Due to the ecomony and illness I was forced to move into his house and he wants us to be a couple again. He wants me to watch HIS grandchild and I am just not interested in him or his grandson. I am tired of living in a family of fiction. Even if I never had my own child I won't accept him or his. I just want to be free of this man.

Maybe after school, you may decide divorce is not worth it...plenty of marriages are more platonic in nature...companions, not fiery aunt and uncle fall in this advise....just food for thought....peace...SS

Married 20 years this past Feb. 14th. I would of left years ago if I could support myself. It's sad that after 20 years of marriage, the lawyer I seen told me I would only get $8000 a year from my husband for support so I decided to stay with him. I can finish college, get a good job, and then divorce.

That is a shame...not sure how long you have been married...I know from experience, not just books, that we tend to fall in and out of love throughout our marriages...and having had a divorce myself, let me say that I do not wish divorce on anyone. It was the most grueling experience of my life, and 11 years and a great marriage later, I still have unhealed wounds from that experience. Barring abuse, I generally think most are better off to avoid divorce. But, you are also the expert on your own life. Only you know what is best for you. I encourage you to make decisions when you are not highly emotional...they often lead us astray...wishing you peace and happiness....SS