Just finished telling him he is a stupid
No peace this a.m.

He had wanted my help with a splinter on his foot. He predicted this wouldnt work.
Well then ...

I tell him sit there and put your foot there
He says no i have to stand
I say your right it wont work i cant see it that way. I say," your being cranky with a problem your asking me to help with and you wont cooperate with the person willing to help."

I try two more times and he disagrees each time. I have to contort myself to try to see it. I dont see anything.
Fail - thats when i call him a stupid b!tch.

Im barely awake God help

Seriously. Morning prayer time. And please coffee
Saddiie Saddiie
46-50, F
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Get him to take it out, it's his foot. Gosh do we have to do everything for them. Don't let it upset you, they can be big baby's.... When my husband is being an *** I just walk away and leave him to sook on his own. Sometimes it's just best to let them help themselves.