I'm married, been married about a year now and we have a 5 month old.

Been having a lot of trouble getting along and iv always thought/blamed my wife thinking she's hormonal or stressed but recently started to realise it is probably mostly the way I am.

I'm an only child and never really been good at relationships. I have never thought it was due to me but I'm starting to see the way I am isn't right. Anyone else relate to this??

I'm going to see about getting some advise on this from a professional but I am curious if any other only-child adults have noticed this... Cheers
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1 Response Aug 17, 2014

Yes! I can be bratty and irrational only looking at my selfish point of view. My husband tells me I'm beautiful every day. He wakes up does things around the house then goes to work full time. Shows me plenty of attention, in fact I'm more of a loaner than he is. Still sometimes I find if he gets on my nerves or if something doesn't go the way I planned I act out in such unnecessary ways. Try and look at the big picture and tell yourself "relax, this is no big deal, it doesn't impact my life in any real way so no need to get upset" talking myself down has really helped and apologizing and voicing to him what I did wrong helps too! I have really gotten better and I hope u do too. If u slip don't get discouraged keep trying a method that works for you! Good luck! 😋