Good morning Grabby

I ask him to open up and share thoughts & faith & prayers to start the day.
He says I dont like pressure and criticism. Im more of a doer (& groper!) than a thinker.

I think thats because you have alot of unexpressed thoughts it makes you so tense and need to be busy all the time. I wish you could relax

He:the only way i get appreciated is by doing things.
I: i know that feeling but cant you feel loved just as you are?
He:This is how i am. I want to be accepted.
I: Cant we accept each other and help each other grow spiritually too? My faith increases with mutual sharing- thats why I'm always reaching out to others. If you & i shared more then you wouldn't be getting jealous of me doing that.
He: so its my fault?

He: It never ends, you wanting to talk
Me: bible says we should pray without ceasing

Coffee time

Am i wrong in doing this?
Well...proof in the pudding- its not going great but is it at least progress?
I cant make any suggestions without offending him?
Saddiie Saddiie
46-50, F
Aug 19, 2014