Am I happily married? In some respects yes, in some respects no. I think that is a rather normal reaction for one who has been married 25 years.
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I am married. That's it! Lol
Congratulations to the 25 years...I did not even reach halfway to sustain mine.

The happiest of relationships have great sex lives n they communicate!!!

If you made it 25 years I'd lean towards happily married. These days people don't stay married for that long unless they're mostly happy. I say mostly because no marriage lasts that long without some bad **** happening.

It's true it's just as easy to get divorced...

I have to agree. Been married for 15yrs and sometimes are harder than others. Some good and some bad times.

i do agree its slow n steady but with some ups and downs

Been married going on 20 I feel you reply

I'm been married so far 7 years now pretty good so far!!!!!


I've been married 47 years. I'm happiest when I'm alone. She's turned into a needy, whiney little *****. Hope yours doesn't end up that way