Intimacy is so important in a marriage / similar relationship. It keeps the passion and feelings alive.
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I agree my wife and I have been married almost 25 years and sometimes it takes some work with 5 children and both of us working full time.

Just remember communication is very important as well.

It sure is :)

Sure it does

also respectful space

That is true and leave a huge void when there is none

You are so right! Its very important to be intentional about keeping the spark alive in a relationship of any kind.

I know! It takes work to keep the spark alive. Feels like mission accomplished! Nothing worse than being in an unfulfilling relationship ....

Most people don't understand that, they assume that lasting love and passion will just drop out of heaven into their lap with no effort on their part. They don't understand that it takes work and effort and intentionality to have a good relationship and make it last. People tend to be lazy and don't want to self-examine or work on themselves and put forth energy and effort into the relationship.

Oh to have intimacy in my marriage once again would be wonderful he doesn't even hug or kiss me anymore unless I asked and I have just stopped asking

Why do you wait for him. Whether or not you believe it now, men need intimacy as well as women, they just don't often know how to verbalize it. Why don't you just walk up to him, say I love you, and give him a hug?

I agree very much.

The past is your problem and all the lies. ..that's why he keeps the walls up....she said never working so she can spy, showing up for coffee too stay on his back

Your a friend zone hon

Really if you keep the spice in your relationship it doesn't have to go flat. I've been married to my beautiful wife for 7 yrs, we have been together for 12 yrs. now the frequency has become less (my fault). But when we are together the passion is still there.

For me spice and intimacy go hand in hand. Ofcourse friendship and understanding are key too

I fully agree, she is my best friend, my lover, and my bride. Being open minded in the bedroom keeps things alive.

Refreshing to see a man admit frequency decrease his fault

I have some hormone issues, and my wife agrees that taking a testosterone suppliment isn't right for me.

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How long you been married?

4 yrs

25 years myself. You must have still passion right?


Good for you. Work on the passion every day

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