Last Night's Craziness

My husband and I never go to parties together because he doesn't want to. Last night was like the 2nd time we went to a party together and we've been married for 3 yrs (4 together).  This is what he wants to do..he wants to go to a party with me, then I will go home and he will stay to drink with his friends. For me, that's just wrong, for him, he thinks I'm wrong. I've never seen a couple that leave a party not together. So that's one..


He got so drunk last night, start cursing in the car in front my our designated driver  (my mom) and our friend. It was just so embarrassing, he wants to fight with other drivers for little things like, they looked at him or the car changed lane by mistake..He's such a trouble maker.  I got so annoyed!


When we got home. He started yelling..telling me why he's "psychotic". He keeps telling me how if he didn't love me "so much" he would've killed me, that he meant, "he's crazy in love with me". He said how gorgeous i was and he was lucky, and he doesn't think i deserve him because he's crazy. He said that he want to kill himself but he doesn't want to because he wants to see me finish college first and until i can do it on my own he will not do it. He said that there's no one like me, that I'm perfect, I'm loving, I'm honest and I'm loyal. then he said that he's afraid to lose me and he's sorry he's insecure and jealous..


he kept telling me how he wants to kick my ex's *** (he was on the party) because he started acting stupid and how my ex kept staring at me.. sheez...

i'm so tired. I don't even know what to think. I think i blocked everything from last night..

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yes, we have a son together, but even if we didn't, even if i wanted to go sometimes, i can't because i love him very much. The only reasons i'm going to leave him is if, #1 he cheats on me, #2 He hits me, #3 he stays depress/cranky everyday, but other than that, i'll work with him with whatever problem he has. <br />
<br />
That's marriage! lol. A roller coaster ride!

Interesting story...sounds like there is rarely a dull moment with your husband....also, he seems to have a bit of a drinking problem...but, these things you already know...I assume you have all your own reasons for staying right where you are...and mine is not to judge...just keep your eyes open, stay safe and keep growing...peace...SS

i don't drive and my husband was drunk and i didn't want to take a cab cuz i know how he gets lol. <br />
And like what you said hope is the reason..hahaha

There you go, that's pretty good. Love is so strange to define. One day it means one thing the next another. So why did your mom drive? And this is absolutely normal. You can't have everything you want from someone, yet you stick around cause your sometimes the reason, the hope. Keep up the writings.