Dream Come Try?

Yeap, I married my childhood love.  A dream come true or so thought.  Been married now for 2 yrs this June.  Of course I'm miserable now because he his not the man I thought he was.   He's not even the man I was supposed to marry.  I let my heart and childhood fantasy ruin my future.  Well I won't say ruined b/c I do believe it will get better but I know I could have done better.  We didnt have a church wedding, I brought both rings and have been the sole provider from the begining.  I have a twin (10 yr old & 17 yr old)  We also now have taken custody of his niece.  I'm the mom that takes in very body, people, dogs, cats whatever needs a home.  Anyway, whatever he wants to do, I do.  Whatever he needs support or encouragement in I give.  He knows I'm saved and love the Lord.  He promised we would live right and go to church like I'm accustom too. His excuse use to be that he didnt have any clothes so, Yes I brought him clothes.  He went once, twice and I dont khow what happend.  I use to spend all day and night literally playing playstation of watching sports.  He gave me no time and I had to constantly argue with him about not touching me or spending time with me.  After all I was the only one taking care of the house.  I thought that was the least he could have done you know, rub my leg once in a while.  It only left me to ask well if you act like you have no intrest in me then why did you marry me.  However, when he talks to his family of friends their report is I'm all he talks about and how much he loves me and how special he tells them I am.  I think that just made my reality worst b/c now I have to consider if he's crazy or something b/c this is not the man I live with.  Yeap, I married too and this is my story.

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