Young Marriage

my husband is in the navy. we met when i was in the 10th grade. he was in the 11th. i am now 18 it has been 3 years. we recently got married. i love it but....i never get to see him or talk to him. our way of communication is letters. its hard but i know i can do it. i can be patient b/c i see it as if i wait and be patient then it will all be worth it when he gets out in 2 years and 10 months. he is my world and i would be no where w/o him in my life. he was my best friend b4 he became my lover. i have expierienced the good and the bad in life with him. and i could not as for anyone any better to face life with. he is a very understanding a accepting person. he lets me make up my own mind and make my own mistakes so that i can learn. mainly b/c i am the stubborn type and would ignore his warnings. lol. i love life with him and i can not wait till he gets home for good!!!!! right now i am starting college back up for my second year. i am in cosmetology which means i am a beautician. i enjoy it very much. i am also trying to save up money so i can move out of my parents house and into my own place so that when my baby comes home he can stay with me and not his parents. life is getting better and better but time just keeps going by so slowly..... :(

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Stick with it . You should be saving the BAH for his return and then get a place. Easy to live at home alone , much harder when he is home with you. Be patient and save the money for some nice things for your new place

i know its hard being an army wife. i just got out of the army but my husband is still in and i just feel so lonely sometimes. i wait for him to get home everyday. i love him so much.<br />
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i got married at 20 with him. im 21 now and pregnant. hes actually 34.