WIfe Shows Too Much Cleavage At Work.

I am married going on 11 years now. We have been together almost 17. My wife is very ambitious and intelligent and has always been the main bread-winner in the family. I have always held various jobs and raised our son. Within the last 7 months, I have taken a part-time position in the same department that my wife is a director in. We have always been very careful to keep our activities separate in the office to avoid any talk of nepotism and impropriety.

Recently, though, I have noticed that my wife has been making a point of showing cleavage at work. This started over the summer and I do not ever remember her dressing for work like this before. She still dresses neatly, but her neck lines have dropped and on some days she is showing what I consider way more cleavage that is acceptable in an office or workplace. I finally spoke to her about it one morning as we were getting ready for work. She acted like I was completely overreacting and basically told me I had a problem. She continued to wear low cut blouses and the men in the office, especially her boss will just stare at her boobs quite a lot. She has always had large boobs and she has gotten heavy and they are just enormous right now.

After about a week, I mentioned to her again that I really wished she would dress a bit more professionally and I got the same response as before. She was quite irritated that I brought it up a second time.

So this brings me to last Friday.

I had to run some personal errands before work and got there a bit later than usual. The place works on a flex schedule, so that's pretty normal here. I had stopped by a cash machine to get us some money. I dropped my stuff at my cubicle and then walked to her office to give her the cash. The door was closed, but I heard very loud laughter coming from inside and I recognized it to be her and her boss who just turned 60. He's a nice guy, but he's kind of old school and he stares at any woman who has something to stare out. Anyway, I knocked on the door and then opened it to a scene that I can only describe as surreal - my wife and her boss sitting across her desk from each other just laughing uncontrollably and her two large boobs just shaking like two large bowls of jelly. Her boss was loving every second of it and she didn't mind a bit. I walked in and was speechless. She wasn't just showing cleavage, her boobs were falling out of her blouse and dancing up and down as she laughed.

I gave her the money, turned around to leave as fast as I could and as I was leaving, I looked at her and made a motion of cupping breasts and gave her an unmistakable stern look. She looked at me like she was clueless what I meant. I went back to my cubicle and tried to think straight. Did I just see what I thought I saw? Was that little scene as inappropriate, in fact, as it appeared to me? The more I thought about it the madder I got. Your reputation at your job has a lot to do with your appearance and there are many times when my wife looks trashy instead of professional.

I'm at a loss on what to do about this. She has already told me that she doesn't want to hear another word about it. I've been looking for other positions in other departments and other jobs elsewhere, but no luck for these past months.

I really don't want to be in a work environment with her any more, because I don't like seeing this side of her. I've always known that she likes attention, but I'm shocked to learn that she will bare some flesh to assure she gets it at work from the men that are around. And I definitely do not want to witness another scene like the one I walked in on last Friday.

I just want to add that for the first time in our 17 years, I have lost a measure of respect for my wife. And that is that saddest part of this story.


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When you gain weight, it becomes more and more difficult to not show cleavage. This happened to me at work before where a female manager got on to me for showing cleavage. I could not help it, I was wearing one of my usual shirts, but since I put on weight, you could see my cleavage. I wouldn't worry about it too much, she is probably already feeling self conscious enough as it is for gaining weight.

"My wife is very ambitious and intelligent"
"my wife has been making a point of showing cleavage at work"
Yeah, she is intelligent and she know how getting a raise

I think you enjoy that she's showing

is SAD when women or man loose their perspective in life. The difference between man and women is that women is the driver and the main player in a sexual relationship with a man been single or married. The idea is Man propose and women decide at all times.
Women should be clearly aware of this in order to avoid problems with man friends, colleagues and at home with your man partner.

What? Are u serious? U wife is right!!!! And u r really looking for another job? Why r u like this. U should like it!!! I have lost count of the times i have caught my wifes boss staring at her boobs. Not just cleavage. But practically the whole boobs. Wow. Why are some husbands so insecure. U need to chill and listen to your wife!!!!!

your wife needs to be shared. thats quite obvious. shes a ***** in the making. take advantage!!!!!

Good communication is the key to any lasting relationship. Sounds like yours won't last much longer

Your right the a high up woman at my work is married to a co worker... I don't know how he does it. Im happily married but this woman is to hot that Its a distraction in the workplace. I want her bad

...."I'm happily married . . . . I want her bad."
Ugh... then you are not happily married.

Hey perhaps she wants a MFM. My wife wants one too.

sure then .... contact me ... for MFM

you have a hotwife... enjoy it or leave her.

I know I am a day late and a dollar short on the discussion, but here is my canadian nickel to the American currency......You need to man up and tell her you are not playing that bullsh!!....If she is lonely, tell her to get a dog.......the perception is that you are a nice guy and you are not going to do anything about it, flip that sc<x>ript and show her and your perverted co-workers that you are not a pushover....As a matter of fact, you may need to confront her in front of them....I am not saying you have to fight or say anything mean, but I am saying that you should address the disrespect aspect.....don't create a hostile work environment by any means, but stand-up for yourself.....been there done that and got the t-shirt.....

I can relate to everything you're saying. After trying to be the perfect husband and father I am constantly walked on. She now refuses sex. Instead she wears pants and blouses that are skin tight. I figured it was to get attention from coworkers. She went from being the office babe, to the office flirt, to the office tramp. She has been caught numerous times with other men. I have four children and a **** of a wife. I'm keeping the children and will let my pitbull attorney take care of her.<br />
<br />
I have to be honest. Your wife doesn't just disrespect you, she's a tramp. Contact an attorney and then plan for an enjoyable and fulfilling life.

My wife has a much better job than me and though she does not work in the same office as me I do see what she wears each day and it is very low cut. When I pick her up from christmas parties or leaving parties I have seen men putting cream on her cleavage and licking it off and putting their faces in her boobs and generally feeling her up. I have tried to talk to her but she says its just harmless fun but I know its not as I have found out more recently.<br />

I agree with everything you have said. Women do like attention,and if they have a nice set of boobs, they want to show it and feel sexy. It's not even that she wants to get with another man, it's just that she likes feeling like she's nice to look at. There needs to be a line drawn from work and trashy. My question to you is does she dress this way for you? Maybe she has gotten so comfortable in ur marriage like she feels like she needs attention elsewhere too.? I wish you the best of luck dear!

This story is so sad! But I do believe she desires attention!! All woman do! And if we don't get it from our husbands, well we tend to secertly like it from other men which isn't good. But I also truly believe that woman respects her husband ALOT more if HE is the main breadwinner! Maybe deep inside she resents you for having to be the main breadwinner? Maybe you should take charge;) it might be hard for her at first BUT just might win her heart later!.. <3

i think a person should have more regard for their spouses feelings. that should take precedence over anything else.

She is having it both ways. Nice, emotionally mature hubby at home. Lusty boss at work. Time willl tell which one she needs more.

You are not a third party in this relationship. Give me a break, I know authority seems to wear its ugly mask home but this is ridiculous! Does this woman still respect her relationship with her husband or not? <br />
<br />
Being stern and telling someone that this is not an issue, when it clearly is an issue is just about as improper as it gets. <br />
<br />
The fact that you love her enough to put up with her new found attitude just proves that you two have been together for 11 years. I'm sure that there have been a lot of kinks you have managed to work out over that time. <br />
<br />
No this is not a dead issue. If she thinks it is, maybe it's time for some cold water and after you find out just how far down that priority list of hers you have slipped... you can re-adjust her attitude by giving her a few things to think about in return. Holy ----!

I think you overreacted.

You haven't mentioned your personal life with her, so maybe her behavior is a call for some attention. Try giving her some more attention in the bed...maybe this game of hers will have a time-out. If not, you need a dfiferent approach!

Smoother her with attention...Lick and suck her nipples and work your way down to her sweet spot. Do this everyday for a month and see if her flirting and sexy dress continues. If so you can rule out the lack of attention from you as being the problem. She may respond by honoring your wishes, just keep up the good work and enjoy. :-) dc

She probably is trying to get your attention. Lighten up and give her plenty of attention at home so maybe she won't feel like she needs to bare so much at work.

Did you ever think about she may not be getting enough from you. I feel for you.

I always wear skimpy clothes, I am always getting hit upon, if I like the guy I will go with him, my husband always gets whats left if he is good.

I have been with my husband for 11 years and have been married for over 3, but I would never disrespect him or myself by baring my cleavage to any other man besides my husband. Don't get me wrong. If we go out to a nice dinner or something, I may wear a little low cut shirt or something, but that is just wrong! She should respect you enough that if your wishes are that she dress a little more professional and a little less trashy then she should respect herself enough to do that. If she is doing it because she needs that much attention from other men, then maybe she should re-think her marriage because she isn't taking it seriously.

How about you giving this woman, and her breasts, the attention they deserve? I think she's dressing this way because she WANTS attention and is GETTING attention. <br />
<br />
But I also think she wants you. Isn't it possible she's trying to make you jealous? <br />
<br />
Give her the attention that she wants her loving husband to do BEFORE someone else does.

Tyson 3115 says, "My wife loves me, but no matter how much I tell her I need the physical contact, she doesn't get it, or has some excuse why we can't have sex."<br />
<br />
I'd say your wife sounds like an intelligent woman and probably figured out what a little jock-strap mother-****** you are. Who can blame her?

I would tell her you have lost respect for her. She isn't acting professionally or even as if she's married. What happened to her own self-respect?