I never felt the irresistible urge to get married.  I thought it was stupid to see the world as if it were a fairy tale. 

Nevertheless, I got married one day with the girl I made pregnant.  A question of responsibility it was.

I got very attached to the kids and then the wedding was over.


I decided never to be such a fool again and became a notorious bachelor.

Very soon, however, I started to date a girl that was a real soul mate.  Witty, artistic, a beauty queen.  An unexpected miracle.

The years were rocky and our relationship sometimes was a raft in a typhoon.  Finally we got married after many, many years.

We manage only because it's 24kt love.

moreandless moreandless
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soulmates are rare indeed, dear Em...and well said, the circumstances have to be right

This is wonderful to hear moreandless...I've met two in my life I'm very tempted to call soulmates... We vibrated as one, and my love felt like eternities...but both were very bad circumstances...

thank you for your comments, Bellas and aniowagirl! they're really appreciated.

Married to your soul mate,now that's a great thing to hear a husband say ...<br />
<br />
Very nice !!

that is how it is, sir. 'still in the end I lost her' i can feel your sorrow.