Dont Know What Else To Do

Love my husband so very much we have been married a short while been together over 4 years though. Im pregnant with our first and been busting my *** to make him happy. he wanted me to be a stay at home mom which is fine with me i love taking care of him and cant wait to take care of our baby girl when she gets here. But what the hell i do all the cooking, all cleaning including picking up his dirty dishes that never make it to the sink, dirty clothes all over the house, any trash, wrappers and stuff he goes through, i take care of his and my cat bathing, vet all that nonsense, every year i get him something special for his bday, valentines, hell sometimes for no reason at all in 4 years hes never done that ever never even done a date night kinda thing i do every now and then still. I cant even get the babys room ready cause he will not help me get through all his boxes in there from us moving. But he sure makes time for video games, bitching when i forge something, or bitching when i ask for a lil help, always time to be on his phone talking to his friends and with us moving to a new area i know noone and he barely interacts with me since we got internet. Im constantly trying new things to make him happy, new recipes, new games to play on the xbox, movies we both like, getting to know his friends. He doesn't ask **** about the pregnancy and when i try to talk to hiim about it or ask his help looking for cribs and such its like and auto tune out. Am i doing something wrong here or what is there something else i can try?

Im just at a total loss and if this is how he is with me after 4 years whats he gonna  be like with the baby. We were getting better for so long and so much closer now i just feel like im not enough.

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i dont know what he says he loves me more than he has ever loved, were both very open with sex so its always fun and trying new things, the baby will be here in april, only new thing is we just moved a few states hes made more friends cause i been sick alot

Aw I am so sorry, hon. Doesn't he like you no more? Something missing in the relationship.