When You Know You Know!!!


We met the month of December, 2002.  I was a fun 13 year old... He was a shy 18 year old.

The very first time I saw him he was up on a ladder putting up some Christmas decorations, I don't know if it was love at first sight; all I know is that I knew he was the only one for me.

Because of the big age difference (well, not big... more like illegal! Lol!) He wouldn't really talk to me.  I would go see him at work and since my best friend's sister worked there at the restaurant with him as well I would go OFTEN! Super often! He would call me sweetheart and darling and cute things like that and I fell! I fell in love with him...

After I turned 17 and he 22, we started chatting and talking on the phone. Then came dating... our first date was horrible! It was a Wednesday and he was going to pick me up at 5  so we could go watch a movie and have dinner, but... he was over five hours late! without a call or text.  I spent the day crying thinking to myself that of ‘course, it was too good to be true... then around 10 he pulled up into the driveway without an explanation, I should have refused to go anywhere with him but I just couldn’t! I was happy that he was there so I got in the car and off we went, not five minutes later he was already on the phone! All the way to the movies I was listening to him as he talked about his monster truck: his true love! Once we got to the movies I tried to make small talk during the previews and he just... shushed me! I couldn’t believe it! And to top it all off, it was a scary movie! I hate scary movies! After the movie was over we rode back to my house in silence, I couldn’t believe that I had this perfect guy in my head and that the real deal was far from it! Or so I thought! When we got to y house we stayed in the car for a minute and then he pulled out a single red rose... all my anger and sadness vanished in an instant! I was so happy! After that we still talked on the phone and chatted and then he asked me out on a second date! This time the circus! ...long story short... missed the show... I told him to never ever do that again or I would completely stop talking to him! Never again did he do it!

Honestly I was amused that he would even talk to me, that he still wanted to know me... to me he was still perfect... I knew my feelings for him were true! After 3 months, then meeting the family, going on vacation and moving in together we got married! We had only been talking and dating for 3 months! We planned our wedding in a week! He is the greatest husband to me...still after five years! Our life is far from perfect but we most definelty complete each other! I am so so so lucky to have him! I am so glad things turned out the way they did! I cannot even imagine my life without him... He is my everything. Honest to God!

Now, I am 22 and he is about to turn 28, our story is still in the making, we have been  trying to conceive for about four years with no luck; but we know we have each other to lean on... and God is up there listening to our prayers... in the mean time we try every single night ;) !!! 


...to be continued...

Karileal21 Karileal21
22-25, F
Feb 22, 2010