How I Got Married And Had A Family!!!

It was my senior year of high school and i was working at a place for seniors needed to be helped. my husband was 25 years old and was working at a warehouse till he wuit and started working at my work.. One day when i was just walking to my work after school was over i came in like normal and then when i started working my boss came up to me and told me there is this new guy i want you to help him around and show him how everything works. so i did for about 2 weeks and then he was on his own. After he was on his own he couldn't stop looking at me or leave me alone sometimes so i thought i had a lost puppy on my shoulder. but when my boss told me he liked me i just felt gulity for thinking all those things. when it was my 18th birthday he toke me out to a sushi bar it was my first time ever eatign that stuff but i loved it. that same night he asked me to be his girlfriend and of course i said yes. so we started dating after about 9 months later i found out i was pregnant i was kinda shocked but new it was going to happen cause we kinda wanted to have a family together and be happy together forever. After the birth of our first son on july 12th 2008 we got married the next month august 30th 2008 that same day was his birthday but he didn't care we still got married that day. we were loving being married and being parents. our son grew up so fast and we lvoed every time spent with him. when our son was only 8 to 9 months old we found out i was pregnant again. we both were happy cause we planned on having our oldest son have a brother or sister near his age so they can play together and have someone to talk to. when my second son was born on Decemeber 31th 2009 only a couple of hours away of being the new years baby. but we still loved it. now we grow more and more with love and happiness i our family and marraige. i love my husband so much and i love my sons very much.

animegirl21 animegirl21
18-21, F
Feb 23, 2010