Am Having It Hard

i dont know  if i should stay in my marrage even thow am having a baby  am not in love with him and it seems nothing is work no matter wat i try  i wont to leave  i dont wont to be married any more  is that wrong of me to   say or think  i  am done if there no love in the marrage the why keep it  and its for and not good for the baby if i do  stay in  the marrage  i dont wont my kid to get hurt  later on if i do it now it wont  hurt him or her later on

dedejean dedejean
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Divorce is very hard on kids. Try to stick it out. Unless your marriage involves physical abuse, statistics show that couples who decide to stick it out report happier marriages in just 5 years. The world's idea of what love is, is superficial and is just that warm fuzzy feeling you feel in the beginning. Actual marriage love is hard work and is built over time. Believe it or not, people can change - including you.