Is Something Wrong With My Brain?

Math has been my number one enemy since grade school.

I would get so stressed out about it that I would have anxiety attacks and go into fits when I couldn't finish the worksheets they made us do...and high school was worse.

I barely passed all the math classes I ever took. What I don't understand is, I've gotten extremely high marks in every other class! English, Science, Social Studies, I passed with flying colors. I sing and have played piano and have no problem reading music, which I've heard is even associated with the same part of the brain that processes math. In standardized tests, I consistently score in the 99th percentile for reading and writing.

And in the 30th percentile for math..

Sometimes I genuinely wonder if there is a part of my brain that just didn't develop the right way to be able to understand math. Or maybe my mom just dropped me on my head when I was a baby....
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3 Responses May 12, 2012

Hi there,
You are describing me to a T. I had the same academic history in high school and speak 4 languages.
When I do's like..."where is my brain?" I have tried many, many tutors and tried every suggestion for becoming successful, but no's like the language of numbers is one that I just can't process.
I would love to hear from anyone on here that has had or has similar math challenges, and how did you prevail?

Go to and work your way through the courses. I used this site through college and it was more efficient than any of my professors. Hope it helps.

While it's possible that maybe there is something in your brain, I doubt it. Math is another language to some people. I've taught it for 7 years now and have seen it go many different ways. A lot of students believe they can't do well in math, so they don't. Give it a chance and you may notice that you'll start to get it.