It's Only Partly My Fault!

I went to a Brazillian  public school from 1st through 3rd grade.  Brazillian schools... suck.  I got good grades because I read so much at home, but had no understanding of math - especially division.  They do it really wierd down here!  So, I graduated from 3rd grade, hardly knowing my multiplication tables.  THEN, I went to the States with my family, and because I passed my aptitude test so well (don't ask me how, I can't even remember) they decided that I could skip fourth grade and go into fifth!  Going from a bad school to a good school and skipping a grade, I was completely lost, and have been ever since, though home schooling has helped.
Durgalen Durgalen
18-21, M
1 Response Aug 6, 2007

Darleenk,<br />
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You may want to pay attention to getting math, really getting it....find an inspiring tutor and get the basics down solid...the reason I mention it, is that MANY science careers require math. Now, you may think you don't care about this. But at my age (48) I'm looking back and seeing all the doors that could have opened if I'd just really hunkered down and gotten the math thing nailed. <br />
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There's no reason, at your age, to close off all those many intriguing career paths, just because you 'don't get' math. You CAN get it. You need to pay more attention, sustained attention, to it - that's all. It is IMPORTANT. And let me say this...your 16 - 18 year old self should not be making the limiting decisions for your 25 - 30 year old self. I'm just saying.<br />
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Best to you, on your blazing path to glory,<br />