I'm a Word Person Instead!

Math. Sigh.

When I started college, I knew I had to begin with math.  That would take me the longest.  I thought I was keeping up fine the first week.  Yeah, it was hard, but not too bad!  Then I got my first test back.  I got a 1 out of 100.  Sigh.  I dropped to the next lower math class (commonly called Bonehead Math), but found it too easy.  So I went back to the first math class and muddled my way as far as I could get.

I had to re-take that class 3 times before I finally passed.  I would get farther and farther, then have to drop it because my grade was so low or I was so over my head.  I finally passed it with an A.  Boy, was I proud that day!  I was constantly working on math homework, would bugger my Math-Blessed friends for help, would spend hours everyday in the Math Tutorial Center getting help with my homework.  What took my classmates a half an hour would normally take me 4.  But I got it. 

The next level of math I only had to take twice before I passed.  I waded through statistics and then stopped, having gotten as far as I needed to get my degree. 

To this day, I have trouble with Math.  I normally have to balance my checkbook three times to get the right amount.  My cash drawer at work is never right.  When I turn my taxes in, the government sends me back a corrected form and a different amount than I figured out.  I have trouble adding 8+7, 8+5, 7+6 without having to stop and think.  My friends think it's a joke, but that's my life.

Conversly, my little sister was taking Honors PreCalculus when she graduated from high school, and zoomed through all her math courses in college.  But she can't decipher poetry.  I honestly believe that people either get words or numbers.  I'm thankful everyday I got words.  Count yourself lucky if you got both!

Passing my math classes is one of my life's greatest achievements.  It was years of dedication and hard work for something I didn't like.  I'm happy I never have to go through that again! 

Babeifer Babeifer
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4 Responses Feb 10, 2009

Me too!!

I got words(Thank god).

I'm the opposite. Give me math and you can have the words.... ;-)

I'm another mathematically challenged person.