1 +1 = ???

Im terrible at math, the calculator is my best friend when it comes to numbers.

In primary school I was classed as 'gifted' in reading and comprehension and put into extra classes meant to encourage this ability - when the rest of the class was doing math I was doing little projects about volcanos and the 'olden days'.  This was fine, however, I was left with massive gaps in my math.

I wasnt even aware that I really had any trouble as such until I went to intermediate school the next year (11yrs old) and we were doing division.  I had no idea what division was in the slightest - everybody else had learnt the year before - Id never even heard the word in a math context, let alone been taught it.   I was packed off to an afterschool clinic situation by my parents in an attempt to fill these gaps - while this may have been helpful for my math it crippled my self esteem in regards to numbers. 

Its taken years to feel confident to even attempt to add simple numbers together in my head without a calculator or piece of paper.  As soon as I get flustered or doubt myself its all over!

auroraaustralis auroraaustralis
3 Responses Feb 22, 2009

Yip, just seems stupid to take me out of math - they should have taken me out of something not so important - like music or art - where my over all development wouldnt have been affected!<br />
I used to work at a book shop - they had a little clearance store down the street and I had to cover the lunch break there. The till was old didnt work out the change and I could never find the calculator - most of the time I was ok but if I doubted myself for a second I wa stuffed! Stress cuts off the brain I think.

It sounds really sh!tty they did that, aurora. Like they created a problem that should never have existed. I'm sure with just the right approach, they could have helped you to fix their mistake, but I know ALL about how the wrong 'help' can really ruin your confidence. I can see my self in that last bit as well, as soon as the stress comes in it's like I cease functioning.

Heh But I think if I was better at it then maybe math classes wouldnt have been so awful.