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Nobody Told Me!

as a little kid i went to the school for gifted kids in my town.  i had to take this massive test to qualify, and the only thing i had a hard time with was math.

so, as a young adult i got fed up with struggling in college and went to get a full battery of tests in the hope i could use the accessibility office on campus to get help. 

well, what do you know?  the testing showed me to have a signifigant learning disability in the area of numbers.  when i told my dad, he said, "Well, the lady who tested you as a kid did say that you would always have trouble in math."  gee, thanks for telling me, dad.  all these years i felt i was an idiot for not getting numbers, and now you tell me you knew all along!  sheesh!
SunnyKris SunnyKris 26-30, F 1 Response Aug 13, 2007

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Don't you hate that? <br />
I struggled in school a lot despite being able to read 600 page Dickens novels in a few days, still could never get math or numbers. Wasn't until I saw a psychologist this year and got tested I learned that I had ADD. The shrink says I've more than likely had it since childhood. My parents were too entangled in their **** though to notice or care I failed school. I understand how you feel.