I Have Not the Will

I have no faith in maths, show me the evidence that there is a Zero... Ha! I knew you couldn’t! That’s because Zero only exists in an invisible dimension.

One plus one does not equal one, consider all the atoms, electrons, neutrons, protons and photons that are exchanged in that equation, there is no way it would tidily equal one.

I do not like Math, because it doesn’t exist.

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I follow Planck Standard TimeI know, I kid I kid

"zero" started life as a place holder. as a concept, it was invented far after counting. so, it does exist, but it's conceptually really difficult for most. :)

Likewise. I only just finished reading 'The Constants of Nature.' There is such a thing as Math, and people died for it and very likely we would use the plank units to converse with Aliens about our physics. Bah Humbug

Actually a few universal constants do exist in math, and I stress the 'universal' point. If we ever ran into an alien race one day, they might call it something else and whatnot, but they will undeniably have their version of what equates to our natural log (our e), our pi, apery's constant and a few others, and hopefully if they are advanced enough to be out there and talking to us nearly all other reasons that get derived from those two and other universal constants.<br />
<br />
I hate math as much as the next average joe, but unfortunately my love of computer science has forced me into knowing crap I would care less about otherwise.

Only the level at which we choose to measure them, think of the countless values being exchanged that we are unaware of.

Oh this made me laugh, and I'm not sure why, but it`s way funny.<br />
And what of the patterns of nature and the numbers inherent to them?

I think if their were a highly advanced alien race that came and saw our maths; they would laugh their ***** off.

Ofcourse Math doesn't exist!. It is a way to simulate things, that's all. Numbers don't live in another universe, bcoz they are just simbols, like letters. And zero represents the amount of bf I have now. Math is not a person, it's a tool. And it makes life so much easy!

One word: calculator.

Math sucks I have yet to figure it out.....