I am often told this. I have always been an old soul with a young heart, truly. I've always been much more mature than my actual age, for instance, to put this into perspective...when I was 5 I was 7,when I was 7 I was 9, when I was 12, I was 14, when I was 14 I was 16. You get the gist of it. Adults very often came to me for advice and still do! I've always only ever had older friends as well and date up in age too. I don't dislike interaction with my generation but it is simply hard to find someone in my age range which I can relate to on any level. Idiocy is incredibly ubiquitous and ignorance is a ******* pandemic!  I don't know why, honestly I am. I was forced to grow up quickly but predominantly I believe it's just a chance that I think as I do and am capable of what I am. Not everything can be explained. I realize however I cannot possibly compare regarding experience, not fully. Though what I lack in experience I compensate...with intelligence, intuition and wisdom. I am not conceited either, I have been told this several times. Not only by "normal" people but by many "important" people as well...i.e people who's judgement should be valued...I am also mature in the sense I am NC-17 verbally.
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Jan 19, 2013