I'm part Mayan, as well as Apache and Cherokee. I get my Mayan side from my paternal grandmother, as well as Apache and Cherokee from her as well. Now, I've never personally visited the Mayan ruins of Mexico and Guatemala. Haven't been able to get the chance. But I am learning the Yucatan Maya language, and plan on booking a flight to Guatemala as soon as life's drama settles down. Now, I don't look like a traditional Mayan. I'm a bit on the tall side, light skinned, have dark brown hair, and freckles, thanks to my scotch Irish grandpa. But I have the upturned Mayan eyes, and people always assumed I was Asian, but I'm not. I don't have a stereotypical Mayan nose either. My nose is quite small. I'm taller than most of my Indian relatives, also. I am deeply interested in Mayan culture and would give anything to travel to Guatemala. Also, I had a Mayan boyfriend last year and the year before. But he was a liar and a cheat. Guess he thought he was the jaguar prince, but I was not impressed. Not all Mayan men are scum, just him.

Okay....I've rambled enough. Its already three am. Just wanted to share my experience.

If you want to know more about the Mayans, YouTube is a great place to start. Don't believe anything you've seen from apocolypto though. Mel Gibson couldn't even get real Mayans to play in his film, he chose American Indians. Plus the entire cast had to learn Yucatan Mayan, and their accents were a bit off.

Anyways, check out YouTube, there's a video called "Tumben K'aay." Not only are most of these guys HOT, but they're also singing in Yucatan Mayan. And they're real Mayans. Its one of my personal favorites. Omniglot.com has some Yucatan Mayan phrases as well that you can learn.

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Thank you for sharing this! It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance.:-)