This Is Me

I am a true Scorpio woman. I am out going, easy gong natured, but with a cold edged side. I can be colder than ice if crossed, if angered, it is raw, cold and scary.
i am out spoken, not scared to speak my mind, stand up for ones who cannot do it for them selves, protect the weak.
I am funny, humorous, have a very out going personality, a little on the whacked side. I am a tom boy kind of girl, not the soft and pretty kind, at least not the easy looking pretty kind, I have Italian / Greek / Irish blood flowing through my viens, so it is hot and going fast,
this is me :)
I do not care what people think of me, I am not the kind who worries what people think of me, wasted time thinking on that, if you do not like me that is your problem kind of thing, I change for no one, I will compromise, but I change for no one, this is me, and this is what you get!
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May 10, 2012