This Is Me.

I am a sadistic, cold, selfish person. I am shallow, vain, arrogant, and egotistical. I am strong, smart, cunning, athletic, handsome, and charismatic. I am manipulative. I am loyal to those close to me. I am faithful to my romantic companions. I am ambitious and powerful. I am adventurous. I am impulsive. I am careless. I am addicted to the rush of adrenaline. I am driven and obsessed with achieving my goals.

I am an eagle scout. I am a trained infantryman. I was once an ordained priest (I have lost the priesthood). I have loved and lost, I have been depressed and I have recovered. I have experienced street gun battles. I have done illegal things for money, I have done noble things for free. I have crossed the entirety of the smokey mountains on foot and with only the gear on my back. I have boxed for sport, I have fought to defend myself, I have fought to defend others, I have even fought when I was wrong. I have whooped some *** and I've received some, too. I have been a professional driver. I have won street races, I have lost one street race. I can race a car like a pro and drift just as well. I have helped with several natural disaster recoveries (Katrina,Hugo [I think that was that one's name], a local tornado, the BP oil spill). I refuse to litter, I am extremely conservative with my earth and natural resources. I volunteer regularly to clean the environment. I have stolen things of value and I have made restitution for it. I refuse to steal or allow others to steal, even items of little value. I have successfully fended off a mugger. I am a virgin but, have regular and plentiful intimate encounters with beautiful young women. I have been cheated on. I have never cheated on my partner. I believe in state's rights. I am a capitalist and I want a small, uncontrolling government, I want to live without foreign entanglements. I want others to do for themselves. I take care of my family, even though I do not love them. I volunteer to care for elderly and sick people, I work for and give to charities. I give money to a privately run welfare system. I have worked off shore. I was once a real estate apprentice and I have learned how to build wealth... I am devoted to furthering myself in every way, I believe we should each strive to progress ourselves in every way. One day, I will change the world. That about sums me up in a long winded and poorly written way. I'd like to know about YOU! PM me or post a store in this group. I will be reading this groups stories regularly. I lime to rate, react, and comment.
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Oh and by the way, you do not deserve to be love or hated, you are nothing, and if you were to join the FFL, you will learn to understand that very fast...

definately not the material for the FFL, you are expecting respect, in the FFL, respect is earned very slowly and you start out as nothing

Nothing else to say but, you're an interesting character. And It appears as though you've been through a lot.

After reading this story, I have an observation and a question. The first paragraph is rather off-putting and incongruous with the second portion of your write. I wonder if the conflicting duality was intentionally put their to confuse the reader.<br />
<br />
Do tell.