Words Can Only Say So Much

Words can only say so much
but feelings can't say anything at all
So how do i express what I feel?
When life seems to be nothing at all

We are all lost in this place
All in a dream of heroic deeds, love, and peace
Maybe one day someone will be able to solve this case
And all of the war, sin, and hate will cease

But my life can be described with no words
I have been through the best and have had a full heart
and when the worst comes i tend to fall apart
but words did not cause this and never will

We dream about tomorrow
The day when the skies will be clear
But it will be no thanks to words even such as these
because in the end its up to the mysterious forces in the heart

andyS17495 andyS17495
18-21, M
1 Response Jul 14, 2010

That was beautiful. :)